Confessional #7 on Oct. 8th

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Confessional #7 on Oct. 8th

Post by John Patrick Mason on Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:58 pm

I might well have given up a long time ago. All that hard word was all for nothing. Other tribe has Scar's vote, they obviously kept him safe for a reason. Now it will be me being voted out.

It really frustrates me when I put so much work into keeping my tribe afloat and there is no pay off. This game has given me so many headaches. I wish Waluigi, Godney and Scar were never allowed in this game. Or at least we spread out between the tribes as they are nothing but god damn trouble makers.

Oh well, it felt good to win those challenges. Murphy, I hope you find a way to break their tribe up. Peeta, good luck to you. and Dana, you as well. You ended up being alright.

John Patrick Mason
John Patrick Mason

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