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Post by Scar on Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:18 am

Before I cast my vote, I wish to say that before the endgame campaigning, I was firmly on the side of Ke$ha with my vote. But I didn't want to let my own viewpoint of how the game should be played get in my way. I believe in letting both players getting a fair shake regardless of what their own strategies were, and how much they aligned or diverged from my own. And Lizzie made a persuasive argument. She always kept herself out of danger, and did a great job of staying in the background, until her vote was important. Ke$ha's game, while more open, is not necessarily better. She did get herself into trouble, and without those two immunity wins at the end, probably wouldn't be standing in the final two. Both strategies are valid, and both strategies got them into the final two. With that said, it is time to cast my vote. My choice on who should win the game is...


Because, when I think about it, the only reason Lizzie made it to the final two is not because she made people believe that she wasn't a threat. It's because she never was a threat. To anyone. She never made a ripple. Everyone knew exactly what she was doing, and let her be. Except me, because I got desperate and begged for her help, but I was on the losing end at that point, and I knew it. I think someone who shaped the course of the game and made her own spot for herself in the finals is more worthy of winning.

Regardless, though, you both played fantastic games, and I wouldn't have missed this for the world. Good luck.

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