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Post by Angie on Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:52 pm

Hey Scarrrrrrrrr, please leave some last words behind w/o revealing your identity. Thanks for playing=)


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Scar's Last Words Empty Re: Scar's Last Words

Post by Scar on Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:06 pm

Are you growling at me or purring, Angie? Is my pulsing bod too much for you to handle?

I figured that this would happen this round, one way or another. Once the snitch fell out of my hands, I had to trust Ke$ha and Lizzie's wildcard to pull me through to next round. But I have no regrets. I didn't aim for final four, or final three, or final two. I was aiming for final one. Everything I did was for the purpose of standing up to the jury and being able to say that I took big risks, made some big mistakes, but always fought my way through and came out on top. I wanted to prove that I couldn't just survive, I could thrive. And while I didn't quite make it this time, I don't think I could have done better, being such a poor hand at sheer strength.

Good luck Michael, you're showing yourself to be the most devious player in the tribe right now.
Ke$ha, either you just made a brilliant coup and are still working with Michael after what happened last round, or you're caught in his web, and you should abandon him and hope the others buy the story that he's a challenge threat.
Lizzie: Do you just do whatever you're told by whoever has power? That 's what things look like from here, and there's only one thing I despise more (that one thing being John Patrick Mason). Shape up or get crushed in the final two, which is where anyone with intelligence will want to bring you.
Penny: Seeing as how you were in solitary, I couldn't raise you this round, and don't know what your overall plans were. But beware of Michael. I was honest when I told you about the possibility of joining you. Getting Michael onto your side, though, is a bit more dangerous. He may still have Ke$ha's ear, and he is the strongest player in the game. Setting up a final four with two challenge monsters is a big risk.

Final thoughts: Wait, Michael had the HII? WTF!? Did he even go to Solitary!?

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