Round 11 Confessionals

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Round 11 Confessionals Empty Round 11 Confessionals

Post by Penny Lane on Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:33 am

I seriously hate that bitch Scar right now. He is so stupid!! Because Kesha won the snitch challenge, our plans to vote her out were ruined. We knew it was going to tie, unless we got Scar to flip. Of course, he stuck with Kesha because he is her little bitch. ughhh WTFFF you idiot! I am so annoyed right now!!! I wish Michael would have given his idol to Peeta. Unless Scar flips in the revote, I doubt Peeta will win the tiebreaker challenge. If Kesha stays, we have got to win that snitch challenge tonight and send Lizzie and then vote off Kesha or Scar(if Kesha wins immunity). I will be sweating blood and tears to get it. If I have another challenge at that same time, eff that because I am focusing on this one. I am determined to win!!!
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