Round 8 Confessionals

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Round 8 Confessionals Empty Round 8 Confessionals

Post by Penny Lane on Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:26 pm

Jake won the snitch challenge and sent John to solitary. Since Jake has an extra vote, that gives us 6 and they want to split the votes between Murphy and Scar in case an idol is played. What a waste of time since Michael has the idol, but obviously we are not telling them that. Michael is suppose to be one of the votes for Scar, but he says that he is going to vote Murphy anyways because he does not trust that Jake won't try to pull a fast one on us and take out Scar instead. Murphy is our main target. He wants me to stick with voting Scar, that way if Kesha is upset about Michael lying about his vote, she might confide in me since I stayed loyal. We are going to try and also get Peeta to vote Murphy. Hopefully he will go along with it.
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